2023 VisitSeoul TV Seoul Trip Shorts Contest Is Now Open

Create original short-form video depicting Seoul lifestyle and earn chance to win cash prize
Nine winners to be selected with prize winnings totaling KRW 10 million

2023-05-24 10:36 출처: Seoul Tourism Organization

2023 VisitSeoul TV Seoul Trip Shorts Contest Poster (Graphic: Seoul Tourism Organization)

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어)--The 2023 VisitSeoul TV Seoul Trip Shorts Contest entry submission period has begun. The yearly contest is run by Seoul tourism's official YouTube channel operated by the Seoul Tourism Organization, VisitSeoul TV, and asks participants to submit original short-form video content that promotes Seoul tourism.

The contest is solely focused on the submission of short-form video content, also referred to as “shorts”, which has seen an exponential increase in popularity over the last few years on social media. The anticipation for this year's submitted content is high following the resuming of international travel across the globe.

With “Seoul Lifestyle” working as the designated theme of the contest, the goal of each participant is to boast their own interpretation of what it means to enjoy traveling in Seoul. The entry submission period began this past Monday, May 8, and is scheduled to run for approximately one month until Sunday, June 4. The contest is open to everyone and requires participants to create original short-form video content and post it on their personal YouTube channel with the following required hashtags: #VisitSeoulTV & #2023VisitSeoulTVShortsContest. Once content is posted, participants are then asked to complete and submit their entries using the contest Google Form link located on the official contest homepage on the Visit Seoul website. The grand prize will receive KRW 3 million in cash, with prize winnings totaling as much as KRW 10 million allotted to nine selected entries. For more information, please visit the official contest homepage.

A representative from the Seoul Tourism Organization stated, “With the contest being opened to the international community this year, we look forward to a variety of original works from those who have visited Seoul at least once and will proactively utilize the content to help promote the alluring side of Seoul as a global tourist destination.”

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